About Us

We are a team of elite geeks. But don’t be fooled by the often overseen power of a ‘geek”. Over a year ago, myself (Kane) and some friends looked on the internet to buy some products. I noticed that almost all merchandise and apparel was far too expensive and if it wasn't expensive the quality was poor. I wanted to combat that. So I started GeekGarments along with some friends. Quality and Inexpensive

Definition of Geek :
"To become excited or enthusiastic about a favored subject or activity."

We geek out about quite a lot of things. Each member of the team here has a different topic. Together we bring a force of subjects covering Superhero, Gaming, Anime and more.

We have faced many obstacles, bringing the quality that's cost useful was challenging. However, we think we have perfect products. We plan to expand, and hopefully dominate other worlds. Just kidding; however we do plan to grow and serve our business to more countries as well as build a social following (follow our Instagram @geekgarments)

We're currently in development of a product line where we donate a portion of profit to a charity. We all are pretty passionate about the charities we want to help, but we can't decide on one. We'd love to hear your suggestions if you have one! Go visity Contact us to submit!